There’s nothing visionary about talking about mass surveillance in 2012, we’ve been investigating the topic since 2009 with, I’ve been teaching this at Sciences Po. Paris for several years.

As for crypto being the answer, let me be (again) visionary: FAIL.

Ever heard about parallel computing? Well, we’re funding some massive tax dollars (Euros, in fact) to build computers who can decypher all your encrypted stuff on the fly. Those computers can decypher an https flux and re-encrypt it on the fly. Pretty neat. And no, that ain’t no vision, just journalism done with a bunch of hackers. You probably won’t see this in the press, but then again, you had to wait for Prism to arrive to read what was available on since early 2011…

Of course, let’s not even talk about quantic computing. I don’t have any evidence of its existence, so I’m not gonna go visionary on this 😉

So, if you want some privacy, there’s still a way, but it’s pretty complex, and you have to understand the inner working of the internets. That’s what I mean by ‘it’s only for a small geek elite (e.g. hackers)’. My mother is never gonna get this.

Beside, I don’t remember saying that the internet is dead, it does sound pretty stupid, I agree with that.

What’s dead is democracy. It’s a whole different thing.

There again, crypto isn’t really the answer. If people start using crypto on a massive scale, those parallel computers will surely be unable to decypher all the trafic, but we’ll end up living in crypto anarchy, and that’s a whole different story. Could be cool, might be better than the Orwellian world currently under construction, but still, this ain’t democracy.